In-Building Wireless Communications are critical to Public Safety operations. As a result, for many local governments, "IT'S THE LAW". Local governments are rapidly adopting the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the International Fire Protection Association (IFPA) Codes that mandates Public Safety Communications, stipulating that buildings with public-access employ In-Building Wireless Enhancement Systems when local Police and Fire communications is inoperable. Titled, "COMMUNICATIONS ACCESS FOR PUBLIC SAFETY", it's rapidly becoming a national standard.

The concept is two-fold! It is important that Police and Fire Personnel be able to maintain usable wireless communications when entering a public building. Even more significant is the need for owners to insure the safety of their occupants, employees and customers.

Whether it's a Neutral Host Wireless Enhancement System, or one dedicated specifically for Public Safety Communications, Earthprint has the experience and engineering skills to integrate a cost-effective and reliable system to meet your needs.


Arizona Mills Mall

W6 Tempe

NYC Grand Central Station

Almost every DAS application installed and serviced by Earthprint has included Public Safety Communications Enhancement:

  • Thunderbird Medical Center DAS included 700 & 800 MHz SMR services for Police & Fire
  • Ironwood Medical Center DAS included coverage for VHF Fire channels
  • Cardon Children's Hospital DAS included 700 & 800 MHz SMR services for Police & Fire
  • University of Alabama's DAS included 800 MHz SMR


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